Client Wealth Mastery: Become the Go-To Home Wealth Expert

Tuesday, May 21, 20245:00 PM - 6:00 PM Africa/Abidjan


We can all agree that as real estate professionals It's imperative to differentiate and deliver value to clients

more than ever. The future of real estate is being written as we speak, and now is the time to re-position

yourself for the next evolution of real estate.

In this interactive workshop we will discuss:

- Typical industry expectations for repeat usage

- the costs of client acquisition

- how to build a repeatable, scalable machine

- key tools and partnerships to propel you to the next level

- this will be a NO PITCH zone

Join us on May, 16th at 10 AM PST for an exclusive session with industry veteran, and moderator, Pierre 

Calzadilla, as we dig into how to navigate this time of change. His career spans from leading the digital

transition for a multi-billion dollar NYC brokerage, to growing revenue for great brands like Trulia,

RealScout and Local Logic.  Pierre will interview Scott Langmack, who has led brand,

revenue and customer growth for Microsoft, Pepsi, Wilson Sporting Goods and more. 

Register today to ensure you get the recording and highlights!

Meet our speakers

Scott Langmack

Raf Howery

CEO, Kukun

Pierre Calzadilla

Strategic Advisor, Kukun

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